Routine - You Need It

Routine, what does it make you think of? Most people think of a boring, strict day with no room for free time or spontaneity. However, a good morning routine can improve your overall health, energy levels and performance productivity throughout the day. Increased productivity can in turn, mean you have more time on your hands!

Don't Press Snooze

Waking up early is a great way to start, you can focus on things you enjoy to do, like exercising or spending some time with loved ones. This helps set a­­ positive frame for the rest of the day. Waking up rushed will have your mind clogged for the rest of the day, so take an hour or so out in the morning, to regulate a great mind frame before tackling the day ahead.

You may be thinking sleep is essential for a good performance, which it is, but so is routine! Ensure you sleep and rise at the same time each day, as this regulates your body’s internal clock. An inconsistent sleep-wake cycle can cause “irritability, drowsiness, mood swings, concentration and memory problems, headaches, and a decline in cognitive skills.”

Running Makes You Happier

Exercise, yes exercise can have a positive impact on your day. Researchers at the University of Bristol have found that exercising in the morning can give you more energy and a more positive outlook throughout the day. Combined, these can ensure you get things done more efficiently, which means you’ll have more free time at the end of the day!

It’s understandable that some of us work very long days, but you’ll be glad to know that even 10 minutes of exercise can kick-start your endorphins! So how about a walk to the office? See, it doesn’t need to be so hard to feel euphoric!

Find what works for you, that’s the most important thing, whether, it's waking up early to exercise, spend time with family, or plan the rest of your day with a journal. Consider making some positive changes to your morning routine, improve your energy and frame of mind, to have the best day possible!